Thursday, October 17, 2013

In the beginning

in the beginning I really didn't know what I was doing when it came to photography, i just bought a camera to do my own family photos and they turned out ok i guess.
 This is my little family they are my life and with out their support I don't know what i would do.
These were taken with my first SLR camera a Nikon D3100.
 Alot has changed  since those days, I have shot anything and everything under the sun from insects to tornadoes.
praying mantis eating a moth 
the best part of spring
the Texas bluebonnet 

Windmill at sun set 

early morning sunrise 

Annular Eclipse taken in La Mesa Texas 2012  

mammatus clouds Texas/Oklahoma Border 

Lightning strike 2013

Erath County Courthouse 
EF-5 tornado Lookeba Oklahoma May 25, 2011
Donald Carpenter lead singer for Eye Empire  

Donald Carpenter  lead singer Eye Empire 
Now that i have been doing this for a few years i have been busier than ever with wedding, Sr. photos, Family Photos and everything in between, but im not complaining love the fact that i am able to spend time with mk wife and kids whenever i want without having to ask for a day off, 
family photos are one of the things i love doing the most just being able to the the give the families something they can cherish for a life time.

 Sr. photos are a blast being able to sit down and talk to the kids about what their future plans are and to see what their interest are to give the the best photos i can that reflect their life
every now and then i get together with some of the most beautiful girls in town and just go out and shoot more of an outdoor glamour photos for them and let me tell you here lately the ones i have shot i amaze even myself lol
Another one of my favorite recent photos was of this horse she would walk along the fence wherever i want and would stop every time i did it was pretty funny

Baby photos are becoming some of my all time fave to do the beauty of a child is different with every one you shoot.

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Thank you for stopping by and i will be updating this as often as i can,-Miguel

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